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selection of abrasive sanding discs

Miter Industrial Supplies is a leading supplier of Industrial Abrasives. We are distributors for all the well known brands including Sia, Abracs, Hermes, ATA Garryson, Bibielle, Flexovit, Mirka and lots many more. From coated abrasives, bonded abrasives and carbide tooling to cater for most surface treatments including mild steel, stainless and aluminium.


  • Belts – From deburring to finishing
  • Carbide Burrs and Mounted Points – Grinding and deburring for part geometry and uniform finishing.
  • Cutting & Grinding Discs – for stationary or portable machines.
  • Diamond Blades, Drills and Tools – Cutting and grinding of all types of material in the building and construction industries.
  • Sanding Discs – Deburring and finishing for use on right angle grinders, die grinders, mini, orbital and disc sanders.
  • Dressing Tools – Dressing and truing finishing.
  • Flap Wheels – Blending, deburring and finishing wheels for die or bench grinders.
  • Hand Drill Finishing Tools – For small or hard to reach deburring and blending.
  • Precision Grinding Wheels – Precision grinding on stationary machines for surface, external and internal grinding.
  • Grinding Wheels – Round grinding discs for stationary and portable machines.
  • Sanding Sheets and Sponges – From light deburring to super finishing and used with or without a sanding block.
  • Sharpening Stones – Sharpening stones for manual finishing.
  • Superfinishing Sticks – Roughing, semi finishing, finishing and polishing requirements.
  • Surface Conditioning Wheels – Blending, deburring and finishing on die and bench grinders.

Industrial Abrasives

We are an independent business serving all industries including Automotive, Aerospace, Commercial Catering, Civil Engineering sectors as well as the Furniture & General Woodworking trade. We offer a huge range of abrasives for all of these industries. Discover how Miter Industrial Supplies can help you by calling 01633 223522.

man using electric handheld grinder creating sparks

Industrial Abrasives Suppliers

We supply a wide range from stock for quick turnaround but can also offer belts and discs of almost any size made to order. We serve the whole of the UK market with all of the leading brands.

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