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Spill Control

red oil bucket knocked on side spilling oil on floor

If you are responsible for preventing your business or organisation from causing or allowing pollution then you need to be aware of spill control. If it happens you may be committing a criminal offence as well as being responsible for the clean up costs.

What Is Spill Control

Spill containment (or control) is where spills of chemicals, oils, sewage etc. are contained within a barrier or drainage system rather than being absorbed at the surface.

Products For Spill Control:

  • Absorbents
  • Chemical Spill Kits
  • Drain Covers
  • Enviropad
  • Oil Spill Kits
  • Protective Barriers
  • Spill Pallets

Importance Of Spill Control

A vital component of any COSHH risk assessment is having an efficient emergency response plan in place. This plan will detail what should be done in the event of an accident involving hazardous substances at your place of business. Dealing with spill incidents quickly will protect the workers, premises and the wider environment from harm so holding adequate stocks of spill response equipment is a must nowadays for any business.

A good way of ensuring you have everything you need to hand is to keep a spill kit handy and visible wherever these substances are stored or worked with – this will allow for an effective first response with minimum delay.

Cleaning up oil spill wearing protective gear

Spill kits are available in a range of types and styles to suit all locations and businesses. Absorbent socks, pads and granules will soak up the large spills, reduce slip hazards and make cleaning up much easier, while protective barriers and drain covers can be used to contain leaks and prevent them from spreading. Talk to Miter Industrial Supplies about spill control and spill kits on 01633 223522.

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